Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers, P.C. Certified Public Accountants and Consultants, is a professional corporation established in Michigan in 1975.  Over the past 38 years, Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers, P.C. (formerly Jack Martin & Co. from 1975 to 2002 and Martin, Arrington & Hasse from 2002 to 2005) has served industry, government, nonprofit organizations and individuals, successfully, providing assurance, accounting and tax services and a variety of consulting assistance.  Our firm has earned the respect of its clients by responding to their needs with well-managed professional services.

Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers, P.C. is comprised of highly qualified and experienced accountants.  Since inception, we have offered a full range of auditing, accounting, tax, and small business consulting services.  Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers, P.C. have three major service areas, including Assurance and Accounting Services, Tax and Estate Planning Services and Consulting Services.  Additionally, we have established a function, which has the sole responsibility of Quality Assurance and review of work performed and products developed.  Mr. Jack Martin serves as Chairman and Founder of Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers, P.C.  Dr. Bettye Arrington serves as Managing Director.  Mr. Neil Desai serves as Director of Accounting and Tax Services - Private Sector and Ms. Monica Meyers serves as Director of Assurance and Accounting Services - Government Sector.